“Money can’t buy what we have experienced during the last years while building up this brand. We are grateful being part of this awesome sport and community. The passionated and warm hearted people we met just blew our minds”

The Kitesport and especially the community around this sport blew our minds. We met so many kind hearted people during our journey. We started from scratch with a few to no contacts in the kite scene, but it didn't take long and we became part of this awesome and open minded community. It didn't take long and we took Robinson Hilario under contract who became a good friend.

During the last years we developed our brand with a lot of efforts and invests, but we wouldn't be there where we are right now without all the people around us. For us life is not about I, it's about WE. So we want to take the chance to say THANK YOU to all the great people around us. We still have a long way to go on our journey which just began, but isn't it the interesting part of all that :-).


We are 3 friends based in Berlin, who decided in 2012 to build up a Kitewear Brand. Quite fast we had a name, which made us smile. In Germany the Chickenstick, Donkeydick is called Chickendick in everyday language. Every student who starts learning kiting has to smile when he hears this name the first time. So we said to ourself, "Just call our new brand Chickendick Kitesurf", it's kind of cheeky and people will love it or hate it.



People who know us or our products are aware that we are really focussing on 3 things.

FABRICS: The farbic of our goods is very important for us. We focus on, how we call it, SuperSoftFabrics (SSF). Our customers should love wearing our goods and they should feel super comfy and our apparel should feel like a 2nd skin.

CUTS: As said our products should fit like a 2nd skin, the cut of our products is very bodyfit. Our Hoodies are also longer overall, which most of the people prefer.

STYLES: We try to create unique styles which reflect the passion for the sport, especially for people who wanna show and express their passion to this sport when it's a no windy day and they count the days till the next windy weekend is ahead.



Our values are quite simple. Be kind hearted, honest and respectful. We enjoy the time with the people who share the same passion to the sport and attitudes towards life. We welcome riders to our Ambassador Program to become part of the CDK Family.